Turbo Fabrication

We help you identify the right aftermarket Turbo kit for your car. We can also create your own custom fabricated turbo kit for your vehicle. We also custom fabricated parts such as flanges and adapters you will be glad to know we are capable of creating them.

AutoDoc Garage turbo installation

AutoDoc Garage Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is the science of identifying bottlenecks in your vehicles performance and making the appropriate changes to reduce or eliminate the effect of that bottleneck. Do you want to unleash the power hidden in your current performance configuration, visit our west palm beach performance shop and we’ll help you find those bottlenecks and unleash your cars full potential.

Nitrous Oxide

If you’re looking for a boost without too much modifications, then consider a Nitrous Oxide kit. The injection of Nitrous Oxide into an engine produces more power out of your engine by increasing the amount of oxygen available during combustion. More oxygen results in more power.



Supercharged Installation

Installing a supercharger and boosting your car is one of the easiest, most effective way to bolt-on massive amounts of horsepower.

Suspension Upgrade

From suspension kits to sway bars, if sell and install a wide selection of suspension systems. From lift kits to anti-sway bars, we can help you find and install the best suspension upgrades you need to capture checkered flags or just make it through the morning commute.

AutoDoc Garage Suspension upgrades

AutoDoc Garage brake upgrade

Brake upgrade

Upgrading your Brakes can dramatically improve your vehicle’s braking performance. We’re here to help you find and identify the best barking kit solution for your vehicle. And once you’ve found the perfect solution, one of our experienced technicians will install the kit for you at our West Palm Beach performance shop.

Race Engine Builds

If you’ve squeezed out every bit of performance you can out of your vehicle with bolt-ons and you’re looking for the next step, maybe it’s time to start considering a full engine build. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive performance industry, we can help you sketch out a plan for building you your dream engine. Contact us and discover how AutoDOc Garage can help you.

Race engine builds